Online Training

October 13, 2022

2:00-4:00pm (Recording Available)

In October, we will offer an online training with Dr. Greg Coles, a Senior Research Fellow with the Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender. The Center for Faith, Sexuality & Gender is a non-denominational organization that “equips leaders with theologically sound and accessible resources, and helps leaders shape the people entrusted to them.”

Training for Ministry Leaders

"Approaching the Sexuality & Gender COnversation with Grace & Truth"

As our culture and society continue to change, we are inevitably going to be faced with new questions and realities in our ministries and our churches. One of the larger topics in the church-at-large and in our world is that of marriage, sexuality and gender. If you have not as a ministry leader been approached with a difficult situation regarding this topic, then we believe it is only a matter of time.


The South Carolina District is committed to providing our pastors and ministry leaders with tools and training in this sensitive, yet divisive area. We want to uphold the truth that we as the Church of the Nazarene believe, while meeting people where they are with love and grace.

Since we know that this topic is much deeper than a two-hour training can provide, all leaders who register for the training will be provided with access to the Digital Leaders Forum, an in-depth training with 50 lessons. We believe that this will help our ministries to become more aware, understanding and ready as we hold steady to truth and embrace people with the love of Christ.

This training is open to Pastors and Ministry Leaders, and we encourage you to take part if you serve in the areas of children or student ministries. We hope that this begins a larger conversation across our district where we are better equipped to reach out and to welcome in.

Dr. Greg Coles

Senior Research Fellow - Center for Faith

Author | Speaker | Scholar

Greg is the author of Single, Gay, Christian: A Personal Journey of Faith and Sexual Identity (IVP, 2017) and No Longer Strangers: Finding Belonging in a World of Alienation (IVP, 2021). He holds a PhD in English from Penn State and works as a writer, speaker, and worship leader. His fiction and expository writing have been published by Penguin Random House and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt; his academic research on rhetorical theory (how language works in society) has appeared in College English and Rhetorica and in an edited collection from Cambridge University Press. You can find most of his creative activities curated at