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    Rev. Jeremy Reese

    Executive Assistant

  • By now, most of you are aware of the flooding in middle Tennessee. I have been in contact with several local Nazarene leaders and they say that there is presumably close to 30 dead or missing and countless amounts of damage due to the 17+ inches of rain that fell in a 24 hour period.

    Here is what I know:

    1. Camp Garner Creek, the Mid-South District Nazarene Campground has suffered severe damage. Many buildings are lost, lots of debris and damage and the clean up and recovery could take some time. They are in need of several things:

    - Prayer

    - Monetary donations that can be sent to:

    Finley Knowles, Administrator

    Camp Garner Creek

    700 Sam Hollow Road

    Dickson, TN. 37055

    - Work crews. I am attempting to put together a couple work teams to go and help with the recovery. They need chain saw work, tractors and tractor operators, people willing to drag and clear debris and anyone willing to help.

    - If you are able to be a part of a work team the weeks of 30 August - 3 September and 6-10 September, please contact me at 706-373-1380.

    Lodging will be provided at the camp and as of now, only lunch will be provided. Teams and members will have to arrange for breakfast and dinner on their own. This is due to a lack of a kitchen.

    2. Waverly Church of the Nazarene and the surrounding community were hit hard as well. The church received some 6 foot of water inside the buildings. The buildings are waiting to be inspected before any clean up or recovery can be done. In the mean time they have some urgent needs for the members of the church and the surrounding area. Those needs include:

    - Prayer

    - Bottled water

    - Clorox wipes / cleaning supplies

    - Toiletries

    - Clothing

    - Monetary donations - see their website for donations @

    You can view photos of the devastation by accessing the Mid-South District Facebook page.

    IMPORTANT - I am presently looking for volunteers to go to Camp Garner Creek the weeks of 30 Aug - 3 Sep and 6-10 Sep 2021. If interested please contact me immediately @ 706-373-1380.

    Thank you in advance for all you do,

    Rev. Wayne Cheselka - Director, SC District Disaster Relief